The Lazy Gardener: No Fuss Produce

It might be the inner child in me, but I get really excited when I watch things growing from my own efforts.  I’m also fairly lazy. With those two factors in mind here’s how to grow your own spring onions.

Spring onions are independent little fellows that don’t need much coddling to get the job done, so this is a simple, no fuss way of re-growing your spring onions.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  •             Spring onions (just from the supermarket)
  •             Bowl, jar or cup
  •             Vase or tall cup
  •             Tap water

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably bought a bunch of around 12 spring onions, used 4 for a recipe and then left them to wilt and rot in your fridge till it comes time to throw them out. Such is the natural life cycle of the spring onion.  Or so you thought.

Firstly, your spring onions will survive better than roses in a vase.  Pick a vase, preferably one that’s see through or glass so that you can make sure the roots are hitting the water but aren’t too deep in either. This is just because the body of the spring onion (the green bit) goes soggy when it’s been under water for a long time.

Spring onions in jar

I’ve had these spring onions in this vase for almost 3 months now, still going strong. I refresh the water about once a week. The outer ‘leaves’ of the stalk do wither and brown but you can just pull them off because a new leaf will have been growing from the center.  Now you’ve got fresh spring onions whenever you want, how cool is that!

And growing them back from barely anything is just as easy. When you’re cutting your spring onions for the gourmet meal you’re making, Leave around a centimeter of the white bit near the roots alone. Cut it off but don’t eat it and don’t throw it out.

Literally all you have to do is let the root part of this stub soak in water and it will start growing again. To do this I’ve leaned the tops of my stubs on the edge of my little bowl so they don’t soaked. And they’ll start growing in a day or so.

Grow fresh spring onions

When they get big enough just add them to the vase with the others. I put mine on the windowsill to get them some sunlight.  And voila! You’ll never need to buy spring onions again! Unless you’re making the biggest quiche in the world.

Kristen xo


4 thoughts on “The Lazy Gardener: No Fuss Produce

  1. garden98110

    We are impressed by your ingenuity and simple proof of Isaac Newton’s first law of gardening themodynamics: “Plants will grow anywhere”. Also recommend are window boxes and small gardens everywhere. Proving the greatest principle of gardening: Great things are demonstrated with a little thought. – The Healing Garden gardener


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